How it all began …

It all started with the arrival of the “girl” Dixi into our family in 1991. The “black tufted ball” won immediately our hearts. It was our first English Cocker Spaniel who was during 13 beautiful years our faithful companion. Although Dixi was a dog without a pedigree, the puppies she had, were so beautiful that one of them stayed in our family. The “girl” named Tracy was a blue roan Cocker. She stayed in our breed because of her sensitive character and her beautiful colour. Later, also Tracy had puppies, and from her first litter in 1997, an orange roan male named Falco was born and stayed in our family. Then, a year later came the orange roan male Stappy, the golden female Ambra and the last dog of our hobby breeding is the “freaky” orange roan male Fido.

Time goes very fast and gradually our breeding diminished. The big break came in the beginning of 2009, when my favourite dog Falco died. This beautiful orange roan, whose mother was Tracy, was the pride of our hobby breed. The fact that he is forever gone and that I will never again have the opportunity to hold him in my arms, made me very sad and unhappy. His lost left a void in me, and that is why in February 2009 came “Falco junior” into my life. Falco II was born in the Czech Republic in Prostejov in the kennel of Mrs. Iveta Doubravska named ORANGE STAR. The real name of Falco II is Art Orange Star and it is my first dog with a pedigree. Falco is in our family sooooooo happy, that he decided to share his life with his friends and other dog lovers through his “own web-page”.

We wish you a lot of fun on our home-page.

Falco & Jackie

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